The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 begins with a fast a review of the present day internet dating society. Precisely what do modern daters appear like? What are their particular likes and dislikes? Just what attributes perform they look for in someone?

Let us learn.

The Female with the Varieties

So what does the typical female dater appear like in 2010? Examination 75,000 female people announced that she:

  • Is between 25 and thirty years outdated (22per cent regarding the test).
  • Is all about 5’5″ large (15percent).
  • Is a brunette (31percent) with blue eyes (40per cent).
  • Thinks the woman eyes are her best element (53percent).
  • Views the woman frame as ordinary (36per cent).
  • Sees herself as easygoing (32percent) and social (14percent).
  • Is actually smart (53% have actually a degree, in contrast to 13per cent on the common feminine population associated with UK).
  • Enjoys vacation above all other activities, followed closely by movies, talk, and cooking.
  • Generally most likely really works in healthcare, dental care, or veterinary field (11%).

To find out what this normal female member wants from her male suits, match in addition to Potential future basis examined ladies multiple choice responses. It seems that just the right guy views their body type to-be «average» (90per cent), and has now short (97per cent), darkish (89percent) tresses, blue eyes (84percent), and an easygoing personality (86per cent).

  • Black hair was available in second (75%), followed closely by mild brown (73per cent), blonde (59percent), therefore the salt-and-pepper appearance (38per cent). Men with cropped or bare locks had been prominent (56percent), and bald guys discovered followers in 26% of’s female populace.
  • The majority of women resoundingly favored an average body type, though 38percent favored slender men and 34per cent liked men with a few extra pounds.
  • Females like males with sight that are…well…eye-catching. 78percent price all of them as a guy’s most appealing element, followed closely by «a stylish laugh» (77percent), «a great bum» (35per cent), and «great arms» (27per cent). Ft scored the cheapest, with merely 4percent.
  • As far as individuality goes, women want easygoing men with good senses of wit (86%). «careful» males also scored highly (75percent), since did those who find themselves «social» (74per cent) and «reliable» (73percent).
  • Within his sparetime, just the right man is fond of eating dinner out and taking a trip. Young ladies are most into males just who enjoy movies and songs, while the 50+ set aim for guys who show a desire for garden.

Females and men, you know what arrives subsequent: it is the men’s seek out grab the spotlight!

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